Planning Your Futures

With a combined 4 decades, Anthony Lawrence and Erik Potter are skilled in positioning their clients to achieve their financial goals, avoiding market loss, mitigating taxes and establishing a sustainable financial management system that perpetuates for generations.

It didn’t take long in “traditional” financial services to figure out that a paradigmatic shift was necessary in order to provide true value and safety in client’s finances.  

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • If it’s my money, why can’t I touch my IRA until I retire?
  • If it’s my money, why do I give up over 60% of the gain to “money managers” who hold my account?
  • If it’s my money, why does everyone else get their cut before me when I need it?
  • If it’s my money, do I REALLY know how it’s working for or against me?

The Wealth Insight systems maximize growth potential, limit market loss drastically, mitigate erosion from taxes and risk of loss from lawsuit and employ proven financial strategies that have been used for centuries to provide, protect and promote financial wellbeing for families and businesses alike. Erik and Anthony believe YOU know your situation and goals better than anyone and could manage YOUR finances better than nameless, faceless operators on Wall and Broad.  

Begin learning how today.


Banks, Interest & Loss

Banks make a profit on every transaction. We all know this. How much that profit is can be astounding, or maybe not when you see their lobbies!  Do banks operate on sitting on tons of cash waiting for when you need it? Nope. They take your money, loan it out at a rate several times what they pay you and repeat the process thousands of times. The only way for a financial institution to make a profit is to keep the money moving.  

Why then are we taught to do the opposite? Store our money for decades, never to be touched and hope the account balance increases enough that it was worth not being able to use it. Well, not to be touched by us, but constantly moved by the institutions we charge with “managing” it, so they get all the profit from those transactions. But at least they only charge a small fee for their service!

Good news is that in market downturn years they reduce those fee! Oh, probably not the percent, which will probably go up because you fell below the threshold for lower fees, but the amount of the fees will go down, well, for the same reason. In what business does it make sense for you to pay a fee to someone to LOSE your money?


Pay on the Little Bit, or Big Bit

Retirement planning in the Financial Service industry has had as it’s primary goal tax deferred growth in 401k’s, IRA’s, ROTH IRA’s, and the like, with the thought that you’ll be in a lower tax bracket when that day comes and the compound deferred tax growth will outpace a parallel taxable account. Herein lies the problem; this philosophy assumes what is today will be tomorrow.


Our national debt is $22T, 110% of GDP $20T and the Federal deficit is approaching $1T/year. Almost 75% of that debt is borrowed from domestic pensions and retirement plans. Additionally, every decade there are fewer contributors to Social Security for every recipient, those recipients live longer and require more resources from Medicare and there stand looming unfunded liabilities in excess of $200T coming due in the coming decades.

So, do you feel like betting on tax rates going down or up in the next 30 years? In other words, do you want to pay taxes on the little bit now or the bigger bit in the end?

We can show you how to regain control of your financial future.

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